Battle of the Day

Paulina Mikolajczak vs Paula Manzanal

Paulina Mikolajczak
Paula Manzanal in lingerie - ass

Paulina Mikolajczak

Paula Manzanal


These women will bring out the warrior in you.  Yup, you'd feel like a greek warrior on fire with the hotness these babes bring.  Who would you choose between the two?

Paulina Mikolajczak is a Polish adult/glamour model who is known for having posed for Playboy.  She is represented by Max Models from Warsaw Poland.  Know more about her in this Paulina Mikolajczak article.

Paula Manzanal is a Peruvian model who has won quite a number of competitions.  In 2014, she won both the Miss Swimsuit International the Face of Beauty International Peru.  Learn more about her in this Paula Manzanal article.