Battle of the Day

Alana Campos vs Nikki Sanderson

Alana Campos - ass
Nikki Sanderson. Scrumptious in her Archibald shoot.

Alana Campos

Nikki Sanderson


Now, this is a hard one.  They might be in different categories but they sure as hell share the same level of hotness.

Alana Campos is a Brazilian model who is perhaps most famous for being Playboy’s Playmate of the Month September 2012.  Alana here is also an actress and has appeared in Interns (2014), Drnk Textin (2015), and Playboy Sweet Spots: Shaken (2014).  Read more about her in this Alana Campos article.

Nikki Sanderson is an English actress, model, and television host known best for her work on the popular Hollyoaks and Coronation Street soap operas.  She also worked as a cover model for Maxim and as a host for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.  Learn more about her in this Nikki Sanderson article.