Battle of the Day

Stephanie Rayner vs Daniela Lopez

Stephanie Rayner in a bikini
Daniela Lopez in a bikini

Stephanie Rayner

Daniela Lopez


It's battles like this that can make you last another day in that shitty job of yours.

Stephanie Rayner is an Australian (but currently resides in South Africa) model and an Instagram star who is notable for being the face to brands like Lounge Apparel, Tiger Mist, Alt+ Swim, and Maui Now.  She participated in the Miss Universe Australia pageant in 2012.  Read more about her in this Stephanie Rayner article.

Daniela Lopez is a Colombian model who is perhaps most famous for being the face of Victoria’s Secret‘s PINK collection.  You may also recognize her work with brands like Revolve and Aeropostale, as well as at Miami Swim Week!  She has also graced the covers of Elle and Vogue.  Learn more about her in this Daniela Lopez article.