Battle of the Day

Gabriella Abutbol vs Shelby Chesnes

Gabriella Abutbol in lingerie
Shelby Chesnes smoking hot

Gabriella Abutbol

Shelby Chesnes


Now, this battle will make your head spin from browsing through their galleries before deciding who's hotter.

Gabriella Abutbol is an American Instagram model who is famous for posting in different swimwear along the beaches of California.  Gabriella is also often seen sporting her sponsorship from Bad Wood clothing in a variety of posts from shirts to sweaters to denim jackets.  Read more about her in this Gabriella Abutbol article.

Shelby Chesnes is an American model who was named Playmate of the Month for July of 2012, she is a model and actress with film credits in Last Vegas and Horrible Bosses 2.  She was also named a "social star" by Playboy Magazine in 2014 for her social media followings.  Learn more about her in this Shelby Chesnes article.