Battle of the Day

Olga De Mar vs Bridget Malcolm

Olga De Mar
Bridget Malcolm in a bikini

Olga De Mar

Bridget Malcolm


Such a hard battle, this one is.  But with Yoda's wisdom, you'll be able to choose.  Choose well, my padawan.

Olga de Mar is a Latvian model who is famous for being in a variety of advertisements.  She has also been featured in international editions of Elle, Lucy’s, and Harper’s Bazaar. Olga de Mar is also a bit of an actress and she did appearances in The Lady, The Lady 2: L’Odio Passionale, and Playboy Abroad: Adventures with Photographer Ana Dias.  Read more about her in this Olga de Mar article.

Bridget Malcolm is an Australian model who is best known for appearing in two Victoria's Secret Fashion shows in addition to walking in other fashion shows such as Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney.  Besides shows, Malcolm has also appeared in magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, Playboy, and Elle.  Learn more about her in this Bridget Malcolm article.