Battle of the Day

Zaira Nara vs Krissy Cela

Zaira Nara in lingerie - ass
Krissy Cela

Zaira Nara

Krissy Cela


Two very hot women up against each other...  Yeah, we always do that.

Zaira Nara is an Argentine model, dancer, and TV host who became known for her appearances for global brands such as McDonald’s, Gillette, and Pantene. She has also graced the cover of Argentine editions of Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health.  Read more about her in this Zaira Nara article.

Krissy Cela is an Albanian personal trainer and fitness model who is well-known for her workout and nutrition plans on her website, Cela Simplicity.  She is also famous for her Instagram account, where she posts workout videos.  Learn more about her in this Krissy Cela article.