Battle of the Day

Arika Sato vs Muni He

Arika Sato
Muni He in a bikini

Arika Sato

Muni He


Okay, now time to choose!

Arika Sato is a Japanese-American model, actress, host, reality star, fitness expert, and social media influencer.  She appeared in 3 episodes of the reality show, ‘Paris Hilton’s My New BFF’ in 2009.  Afterward, in 2011, she joined the cast of the web series, ‘JustKiddingFilms’.  She portrayed various roles in that series from 2011 to 2013.  Read more about her in this Arika Sato article.

Muni He (also known as Lily) is an Instagram star and golfer who is recognized for posting a unique mix of golfing and modeling photos.  She is also recognized for posting a wide range of lifestyle stuff, such as golfing contests and new dishes she tries.  Learn more about her in this Muni He article.