Battle of the Day

Catalina Otalvaro vs Emily Skye

Catalina Otalvaro in a bikini
Emily Skye in a bikini

Catalina Otalvaro

Emily Skye


Yup, they're walking dreams.  But who would you want to stay with you on your slumber the longest?

Catalina Otalvaro is a Colombian fashion model, actress, and social media sensation who is perhaps most famous for gracing the cover of magazines like Host, Don Juan, and Soho.  She is also notable for being the face of the Colombian lingerie brand Bésame and Kiss.  Read more about this beautiful babe in this Catalina Otalvaro article.

Emily Skye is an Australian professional fitness model and wellness coach who advocates for healthy living and mental health awareness.  Emily here is also a bit of an actress and she has experience when it comes to TV hosting, photography, and editing.  Learn more about this Gorgeous woman in this Emily Skye article.