Battle of the Day

Laila Blue vs Lizzy Jagger

Laila Blue in a bikini
Lizzy Jagger in a bikini

Laila Blue

Lizzy Jagger


Classy best describes these women.  So yeah, choose.

Laila Blue is a South African social media influencer based in Sydney, Australia who is best known for her Instagram profile.  She was previously known as Rebecca Holly and began her career as a fitness model and coach before shifting her focus to modeling after becoming popular on Instagram for her posts showcasing her stunning figure.  Read more about her in this Laila Blue article.

Lizzy Jagger is an American-English lobbyist, fashion model, and actress.  She made a significant breakthrough in 2002 when she was signed as the face of the cosmetic brand Lancôme.  She has since modeled for companies such as Mango, Wrangler, and Gap.  Furthermore, Lizzy is a prominent women’s rights activist.  Learn more about her in this Lizzy Jagger article.