Battle of the Day

Gracyanne Barbosa vs Sophie Kasaei

Gracyanne Barbosa in a bikini
Sophie Kasaei in a bikini

Gracyanne Barbosa

Sophie Kasaei


And of course, this one is as hard as the rest.

Gracyanne Barbosa is a Brazilan fitness model, Instagram sensation, and Carnaval dancer who is famous for being a “Rainha de Bateria” for various samba schools at the Rio Carnaval and the São Paulo Carnaval.  She came to the spotlight in 2012 after her squatting workout video gained admiration from fans and bodybuilders alike.  Read more about her in this Gracyanne Barbosa article.

Sophie Kasaei is an English reality star best known for her role in the British reality series ‘Geordie Shore.’  She was a prominent cast member of the show, which aired on ‘MTV.’  She is also a social media star and entrepreneur who is one of the partners of the famous beauty products brand, ‘Motives Cosmetics.’  Learn more about her in this Sophie Kasaei article.