Battle of the Day

Katie Cleary vs Katiuscia Torres

Katie Cleary
Katiuscia Torres in a bikini

Katie Cleary

Katiuscia Torres


Two babes with bodies you would kill for.  Who would be the reason you'd commit multiple?

Katie Cleary is a model and actress who rose to prominence after appearing on the first season of the reality modeling show America’s Next Top Model.  Later, she worked as a model on the game show Deal or No Deal and Heckle U and Chuck.  Read more about her in this Katie Cleary article.

Kat Torres is a well-known international fashion model from Brazil.  She began her modeling career as a teen and quickly rose to the top of the industry.  She has advanced her career from print modeling to commercials and beauty pageants.  Learn more about her in this Kat Torres article.