Battle of the Day

Lorena Rae vs Sommer Ray

Lorena Rae in a bikini
Sommer Ray in a bikini

Lorena Rae

Sommer Ray


Two babes with undeniable radiance.  Yup, like their hotness comes directly from the sun.  And no, that statement has nothing to do with how their surnames sound.  I just want to point out that...  Okay, maybe this battle is based on their surnames.  *teehee*  Now, let's get on with it.

Lorena Rae is a German fashion model, Instagram celebrity, and an actress who has appeared in The Flower of Life (2017) and Fashion Police.  Read more about her here.

Sommer Ray is a fitness model and social media star who is most famous for winning ‘Bikini Teen’ in the 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships as well as bagging 1st in ‘Bikini Class D’.  Know more about her here.