Battle of the Day

Ayla Woodruff vs Jorgie Porter

Ayla Woodruff
Jorgie Porter in lingerie

Ayla Woodruff

Jorgie Porter


Since we know how much you love small but sexy women...  Here...  The much-awaited battle of the petites!  Both are insanely hot and both can make you look like a big manly man.

Ayla Woodruff 4 feet, 11-inch beauty who is well-known for her Instagram and YouTube account.  She is the elder sister of Cheaper by the Dozen star, Blake Woodruff.  Read more about her here: Ayla Woodruff.

Jorgie Porter is 5 feet, 1.5-inch English television actress and model who is perhaps most famous for portraying the role of ‘Theresa Mcqueen’ in the soap opera Hollyoaks.  Know more about her here: Jorgie Porter.