Battle of the Day

Cherie Noel vs Lyna Perez

Cherie Noel in a bikini - ass
Lyna Perez in a bikini

Cherie Noel

Lyna Perez


Two beach-bodied goddesses with heavenly racks will battle it out today.  Both blonde bombshells are social media stars...  The only difference they have is...  we really don't know.  All we know is that this will be one of the hardest battles in HR history.

Cherie Noel is an Instagram celebrity who is notable for taking part in 2017’s Maxim’s Finest contest where she finished 5th.  She has also appeared in Mertailor Swimwear 2017 ad campaign/catalog.  Read more about her here Cherie Noel is Super Sexy.

Lyna Perez is also an Instagram celebrity who has over 3.2 million followers.  She is also an influencer and she has modeled and endorsed countless brands of swimwear and lingerie.  Know more about her here Sexy Lyna Perez.