Battle of the Day

Paula Manzanal vs Erika Wheaton

Paula Manzanal in a bikini
Erika Wheaton in a bikini

Paula Manzanal

Erika Wheaton


These uber hot babes sure know how to make a man rock-hard.  I mean, their poses and projections are just something...  So yeah, make that the basis for your choice.  Who do you think is hotter?

Paula Manzanal is a Peruvian model and beauty queen who won both the Miss Swimsuit International and the Face of Beauty International in Peru.  She is also an entrepreneur and is the owner of QuintoQuarto in Peru.  Read more about her here.

Erika Wheaton is a Colombian-American swimsuit model who posed for countless swimwear and fashion brands.  She is also the founder of Beach Body Boutique and has been featured in many beach oriented magazines.  Know more about her here.