Battle of the Day

Paige Marie Evans vs Giovanna Ewbank

Paige Marie Evans - ass
Giovanna Ewbank in lingerie - ass

Paige Marie Evans

Giovanna Ewbank


Another battle of the blondes entry here.  Australian vs Brazilian.  Both have amazing bodies and asses you will kill (and die) for.  But who's hotter?  We really don't know (and we can't decide)...  Because it will be up to you.

Paige Marie Evans is an Australian model whose career started in mid-2011 when she was crowned Miss Teen Western Australia.  In 2012, Paige completed development training at Chadwick Models and she then went on to sign with Scene Model management.  Know more about Paige Marie Evans.

Giovanna Ewbank is a Brazilian model, Instagram star, and actress most famous for her roles as Suely on ‘Written in the Stars’ (2010) and Sharon on ‘The Favorite’ (2008).  She also has a presenter on TV Globinho and Video Show.  Read more about Giovanna Ewbank.