Battle of the Day

Taylor Alesia vs Maya Stepper

Taylor Alesia
Maya Stepper in a bikini

Taylor Alesia

Maya Stepper


Now, we here at HR have always wondered which of who among these two are hotter.  Really.  But since we don't fight each other, we'll leave that voting to you, dear readers.

Taylor Alesia is a social media sweetheart known for her Twitter, Instagram, and account.  She is very popular on the live streaming service YouNow and she has a YouTube channel where she regularly posts her personal videos.  Know more about Taylor Alesia here.

Maya Stepper is an International fashion model who has graced the pages of publications like Elle magazine and Vogue Turkey and has been publicized in editorials for Maxim and Treats magazine Maya is also an actress and has appeared in 2014’s Warrior.  Read more about Maya Stepper in this article.