Battle of the Day

Cindy Mello vs Lorena Rae

Cindy Mello in lingerie
Lorena Rae in lingerie

Cindy Mello

Lorena Rae


Two super hot social media sensations will battle it out today.  One is German and the other is Brazilian...  Who's hotter between the two, is all up to you...

Cindy Mello is a Brazilian fashion model and social media star who has been featured in countless publications like Sports Illustrated, GQ, and Maxim.  Her world-class looks earned her representations from established agencies worldwide.  Read more about Cindy Mello here.

Lorena Rae is a German model whose popularity on Instagram earned her a representation from the giant modeling agency Wilhelmina.  She is also a bit of actress and has appeared in The Flower of Life (2017) and Fashion Police.  Read more about Lorena Rae here.