Battle of the Day

Robin Holzken vs Emma Hernan

Robin Holzken in a bikini
Emma Hernan

Robin Holzken

Emma Hernan


Brunette versus blonde, celestial verses celestial.  These beach babes sure know how to make a man a man.  But we want to know who, Robin or Emma, brings out more manliness in you...

Robin Holzken is a Dutch print, swimsuit, and runway model who is perhaps most famous for appearing on the pages of the prestigious Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as one of the 2018 rookies.  She is also known for her Guess and Victoria’s Secret work.  To know more, read our Robin Holzken entry.

Emma Hernan is an American swimsuit model who was named Miss COED oo January 2015 and was featured as a Sports Illustrated‘s ‘Lovely Lady of the Day’.  She is also an active Instagrammer and she posts her model photos weekly.  To know more, check out our Emma Hernan article.