Battle of the Day

Talisa Loup vs Irina Dreyt

Talisa Loup in a bikini
Irina Dreyt - ass

Talisa Loup

Irina Dreyt


These beauties will make you spend an extra couple of hours online just searching for their pictures (sometimes putting the word "nude" at the end of their names)...  So yeah, with all the pictures you've seen, who do you think is hotter?

Talisa Loup is a Belgian Instagram model and YouTube celebrity who runs and co-owns the channel Totally Two.  She, together with her (also hot) friend, Céline Schraepen posts vlogs about fashion and challenges (dares).  Read more about Talisa Loup.

Irina Dreyt is a Russian social media star who is known for her affiliation with Mavrin Studios in Moscow.  She had the opportunity to travel to Kata Beach, Thailand (2014) and Sri Lanka (2016) for a sizzling hot photoshoot.  Know more about Irina Dreyt.