Battle of the Day

Kate Compton vs Maria Domark

Kate Compton in lingerie
Maria Domark in a bikini

Kate Compton

Maria Domark


Two (very) hot blondes battling it out today.  Oh, and they kind of share a little resemblance with each other.  They also share the same level of hotness...  But, of course, one is always a bar hotter than the other.

Kate Compton is an American model and a social media sweetheart.  She has been modeling since she was 16 and has worked in fashion shows such as LA Fashion Week Fall 2010 and lots more.  Read more about Kate Compton in this entry.

Maria Domark is an Israeli model and an Instagram sensation.  She is a highly trained soldier who is currently represented by the Tel Aviv-based International modeling agency, Yuli Group (Yuli Models).  Know more about Maria Domark here.