Battle of the Day

Cindy Kimberly vs Camila Bernal

Cindy Kimberly in lingerie
Camila Bernal in a bikini - ass

Cindy Kimberly

Camila Bernal


This is the battle of the sunkissed beauties. Two Instagram babes up against each other. Oh, boy you're going to have a hard time choosing.

Cindy Kimberly is a Dutch model and Instagram sensation whose natural model-y looks earned her a representation from UNO Models. She has appeared on the covers of several Spanish magazines since her discovery. Read more about Cindy Kimberly here.

Camila Bernal is a Colombian Instagram model who is most famous sharing/posting her voluptuous body in bikini and lingerie. She also promotes and endorses brands on her YouTube channel. Read more about Camila Bernal in this article.