Battle of the Day

Ashley Ortiz vs Hope Howard

Ashley Ortiz in a bikini - ass
Hope Howard - ass

Ashley Ortiz

Hope Howard


Oh, these women's behinds are so amazing... Both of them are equally hot, too. But you got to choose one over the other. So, who would it be?

Ashley Ortiz is an American Fitness Model and Social Media Personality who is famous for her posts and activities on the photo-sharing app Instagram. Ashley is also into hosting and she has hosted club nights such as ‘Elite Sunday’ at the nightclub Cliff in New York. Read more about Ashley Ortiz.

Hope Howard is an American model, personal (and certified) trainer, an IFBB Bikini Professional. Oh, and this hottie is also a former US Air Force Fighter Jet Mechanic and has also been featured in XXL Magazine, Esquire, Daily Mail, GQ Australia. Read more about Hope Howard in this article.