Battle of the Day

Lara Alvarez vs Mónica Alvarez

Lara Alvarez in a bikini
Mónica Alvarez - ass

Lara Alvarez

Mónica Alvarez


Aside from their last names, they also share the same level of hotness.  One is a presenter, the other is a model...  Choose who you think will make you melt the fastest.

Lara Alvarez is a Spanish news anchor, journalist, and TV presenter.  She has worked with many reputed channels such as Telecinco, The Sixth, and Antenna 3.  She is also an actress and has appeared in for El Grupo and A Las Once En Casa.  Read more about Lara Alvarez here: Lara Alvarez.

Monica Alvarez is a model New York-based model who has appeared in a number of print campaigns as well as magazine spreads.  She has modeled and has collaborated with Van Styles on The Hundreds Test Shot and a known line of PacSun Shirts.  Learn more about Monica Alvares here: Monica Alvares.