Battle of the Day

Megan Blake Irwin vs Tierra Lee

Megan Blake Irwin in a bikini
Tierra Lee in lingerie

Megan Blake Irwin

Tierra Lee


These babes are hot.  Really HOT.  They posses hotness that could make a man (and sometimes woman) go crazy.  But which of these two would you like to be the cause of your insanity?

Megan Blake Irwin is an Australian fashion model who is famous for her runways and editorial works.  She is is still not done making her mark in the fashion industry.  But you just wait as her looks earned her a representation from quite a number of agencies around the world.  Read more about Megan in this article.

Tierra Lee is an American glamour model who was the cyber girl of the month for April 2012 on the Playboy Plus website.  She is also notable for her works with Playboy TV (as a regular on Badass! in 2010) and Playboy Live.  She is also a former Miss Howard TV.  Learn more about Tierra Lee in this entry: Tierra Lee Article