Battle of the Day

Stephanie Rayner vs Kate Dros

Stephanie Rayner in a bikini
Kate Dros in lingerie

Stephanie Rayner

Kate Dros


Yup, astoundingly hot, both of them.  Beach body versus beach body.  But who among these two is the ultimate summer babe for you?

Stephanie Rayner is an Australian model and an Instagram star who is known for being the face to brands like Lounge Apparel, Tiger Mist, Alt+ Swim and Maui Now.  She is also a beauty title holder and has participated in the Miss Universe Australia pageant in 2012.  Read more about her in this Stephanie Rayner article.

Kate Dros is a Polish swimwear, fitness, and Instagram model who is famous for her appearances in a variety of magazines (including Sports Illustrated) and ad campaigns.  She is also an entrepreneur and is the owner and creator of the online web store  Know more about her in this Kate Dros entry.