Battle of the Day

Erika Costell vs Bri Teresi

Erika Costell in a bikini
Bri Teresi in lingerie

Erika Costell

Bri Teresi


Oh, these babes can really bring the temperature up.  Ah, both social media stars.  So who will it be?  The beach-bodied brunette or the curvy blonde?

Erika Costell is an American social media sensation (she’s a member of the social group Team 10) and an American model who is best known for her poses in countless swimwear, fitness, and lingerie ad campaigns. She is represented by DAN Talent Group Inc. and Wilhelmina.  Read more about her in this Erika Costell article.

Bri Teresi is an American model, Snapchat star, and fitness guru who had appearances in publications such as FHM, GQ, and Maxim.  She has also been profiled on websites like Chat Sports, RSVLTS, and Every Joe.  Aside from the regular features, she also became a Guess Girl.  Learn more about her in this Bri Teresi article.