Battle of the Day

Vicky Justiz vs Katarina Pudar

Vicky Justiz in a bikini
Katarina Pudar in lingerie

Vicky Justiz

Katarina Pudar


Oh, my...  These Russian babes are goddesses.  But of course, one is always hotter than the other.  Now, we'd like to know who that one is...

Vicky Justiz is a Russian fitness model, songwriter, actress, and YouTube star.  In addition to her fitness channel, where she posts exercise tips, workout guides, she also runs a travel and lifestyle blog called Bottle of Wine for Two.  Read more about her in this Vicky Justiz article.

Katarina Pudar is a Russian model and a broadcast radio personality who is famous for her work with Moscow based radio station NRJ 104.2 FM.  She is also quite a star on Instagram and she was both Miss Maxim and Miss FHM.  Read more about her in this Katarina Pudar article.