Battle of the Day

Geri Hoops vs Lauren Drain Kagan

Geri Hoops
Lauren Drain Kagan in a bikini

Geri Hoops

Lauren Drain Kagan


Oh, these ladies truly have it.  Aside from the physique, there's something about them that is totally hot.  Yup, but of course, you got to choose who's the hotter one.

Geri Hoops is a Chilean dancer and Instagram sensation who is most famous for posting provocative modeling photos (and short sexy dance videos) to her eponymous account.  Geri Also runs her own fitness and dance studio called Hoops Studio.  Read more about her in this Geri Hoops article.

Lauren Drain Kagan is an American fitness model, nurse, and author who is famous for being a former member of the WBC.  She wrote the 2013 book Banished, which chronicles her experiences and eventual banishment from the church.  Read more about her in this Lauren Drain Kagan article.