Battle of the Day

Miki Hamano vs Jin Mei Xin

Miki Hamano in lingerie
Jin Mei Xin in lingerie

Miki Hamano

Jin Mei Xin


Ah, Japanese versus Chinese hotness.  These two are in the top of their respective fields.  They're both 10 if you ask us.  But it's you here who should choose so...

Miki Hamano is a Japanese actress and model who is under representations with Scout Model Agency San Francisco and Wilhelmina Models Los Angeles.  In 2018, she made her debut in Perfect which stars Abbie Cornish.  Read more about her in this Miki Hamano article.

Jin Mei Xin is a popular Korean-Chinese model and internet beauty who is reported to have thousands of Google searches every day.  She is a Moko Top Girl and is one of the hottest names in the Asian modeling scene.  Learn more about her in this Jin Mei Xin article.