Battle of the Day

Catherine Paiz vs Cindy Mello

Catherine Paiz in a bikini
Cindy Mello in a bikini

Catherine Paiz

Cindy Mello


Oh, these beautiful babes will truly make your day.  But if you were to spend a day with just one, who will it be?

Catherine Paiz is a Los Angeles based French-Canadian model, actress, and social media star.  She has done assignments for Victoria’s Secret and Azzelia Swimwear, among others.  She is also an actress who had small roles in movies such as ‘Lilin’s Brood’ (2016), ‘Monday Nights at Seven’ (2016) and ‘You Can’t Have It’ (2017).  Read more about her in this Catherine Paiz article.

Cindy Mello is a Brazilian fashion model and social media star.  She has been featured in countless publications like Sports Illustrated, GQ, and Maxim.  Her world-class looks earned her representations from established agencies worldwide such as Ford Models (Brazil and New York), Lenis Models, Louisa Models, and Model Link.  Learn more about her in this Cindy Mello article.