Battle of the Day

Anna Herrin vs Júlia Muniz

Anna Herrin in a bikini - ass
Júlia Muniz in a bikini

Anna Herrin

Júlia Muniz


Oh, these sunkissed babes will truly trigger your manhood.  I mean, a look at each of them will have your libido soaring.

Anna Herrin is an American model who is currently making her rounds on men’s website.  She has been featured on both GQ and Esquire.  She has also graced the covers of Vogue Italia and Self Magazine and she has appeared on commercials for Sketchers and other brands.  Read more about this babe in this Anna Herrin article.

Júlia Muniz is a Brazilian professional surfer and model who is most famous for her work with a variety of swimwear and lifestyle companies including PacSun and Baja Bae.  She is also notable for being a part of a surfing TV show on the sports channel Canal Off in Brazil.  Learn more about her in this Júlia Muniz article.