Battle of the Day

Lauren Hanley vs Xenia Deli

Lauren Hanley
Xenia Deli in lingerie

Lauren Hanley

Xenia Deli


Oh, these babes are extremely hot.  And we know you're going to have a hard time choosing (actually, we intended it to be this hard).

Lauren Hanley is an American model and host who is famous for being featured in Sports Illustrated, Extra Mustard, Barstool Sports, and Guyism.  She gained internet fame sometime in 2013 through her various social media sites.  She has also been featured in a good number of online articles.  Read more about her in this Lauren Handley article.

Xenia Deli is a Moldovan fashion model who now lives in Los Angeles.  She is a former Victoria’s Secret model who became more famous when she starred in Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” music video.  Xenia also appeared in Calvin Harris’ (ft. Ayah Marar) ‘Thinking of You’.  Read more about her in this Xenia Deli article.