Battle of the Day

Annie Ericson vs Natasha Barnard

Annie Ericson in a bikini
Natasha Barnard in a bikini

Annie Ericson

Natasha Barnard


Oh, these women from South Africa is as hot as the Savanna.  And yes, you are in for a battle.  Good luck, guys...

Annie Ericson is a South African model who is widely known for her work with the clothing retailer H&M.  Her exposure with the said brand led her to become an Instagram star.  New York City-based One.1, IceModels from South Africa, LeManagement from Denmark, Sydney Boss Model from Australia, and MotModel form the United Kingdom are all currently representing her.  Read more about her in this Annie Ericson article.

Natasha Barnard is a South African model who is best known for her being featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine’s Swimsuit Edition—she appeared in both the 2013 and 2014 editions.  She also appeared in advertisements for Filati, Jacob & Co., Fine Jewelry, Wonderbra Girl, GUESS 2013 Spring Summer and Autumn/Winter, and Freya Lingerie, and Leonisa: Lingerie.  Read more about her in this Natasha Barnard article.