Battle of the Day

Maria Villalba vs Tiara Yvonne

Maria Villalba in a bikini - ass
Tiara Yvonne in lingerie

Maria Villalba

Tiara Yvonne


Curvaceous and totally dangerous.  I mean, those curves can cause massive road accidents.  But hey, can't really blame you if you still look.

Maria Villalba is a Venezuelan fitness model and Instagram star who is known for her advertisement work in a variety of fitness outlets.  She has been featured in magazines for both her fitness and modeling including Unravel and Nuvu.  Read more about her in this Maria Villalba article.

Tiara Yvonne is an American Instagram model, and singer/rapper who came to the spotlight after her pregnancy with rapper Fetty Wap.  She has also released a single with an accompanying music video in 2018 titled ‘Sorry Not Sorry’.  Learn more about her in this Tiara Yvonne article.