Battle of the Day

Polina Glen vs Katarina Pudar

Polina Glen
Katarina Pudar in a bikini

Polina Glen

Katarina Pudar


A Russian dancer/choreographer versus a broadcast personality.  Both are extremely hot...  Who would you choose?

Polina Glen is a Russian dancer, choreographer, and model based in Los Angeles, California.  She is most famous for being the girlfriend of Johnny Depp. In 2012 Polina was crowned ‘Miss Nebar,’ a beauty pageant organized by a local bar ‘Nebar,’ in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Read more about her in this Polina Glen article.

Katarina Pudar is a Russian model and a broadcast radio personality who is famous for her work with Moscow based radio station NRJ 104.2 FM.  She is also an Instagram star and she was both Miss Maxim and Miss FHM.  She is currently represented by several agencies.  Learn more about her in this Katarina Pudar article.