Battle of the Day

Hailee Lautenbach vs Sammi Hanratty

Hailee Lautenbach in lingerie
Sammi Hanratty

Hailee Lautenbach

Sammi Hanratty


Two sweet and (extremely) sexy looking ladies.  If you could date one (just one), who would you choose?

Hailee Lautenbach is an American bikini and lingerie model, social media personality, and an actress who is most famous for her roles in Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie (2017) and Logan Paul: Outta My Hair (2017).  Read more about her in this Hailee Lautenbach article.

Sammi Hanratty is an American actress who is famous for her role as Chuck in Pushing Daisies and Chrissa in An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong (2009).  In 2014, she began playing Dollie Trask on the series Salem.  Learn more about her in this Sammi Hanratty article.