Battle of the Day

Tamra Dae vs Kayla Rae Reid

Tamra Dae
Kayla Rae Reid in a bikini

Tamra Dae

Kayla Rae Reid


A perfect match.  Who's going to win is totally up to you...

Tamra Dae is an American fitness model, swimwear designer, entrepreneur, and a famous YouTuber who is known for her fitness-centric channel.  She is also an actress who has appeared in films such as Ink & Rain (2018) and Kiss Kiss (2017).  Read more about her in this Tamra Dae article.

Kayla Rae Reid is an American promotion and glamour model who is most famous for being Playboy Magazine’s Playmate of the Month in July 2015.  She also worked as a Monster Girl, modeling for the energy drink company Monster Energy.  Learn more about her in this Kayla Rae Reid article.