Battle of the Day

Lauren Drain Kagan vs Lauren Mellor

Lauren Drain Kagan in a bikini
Lauren Mellor in body paint

Lauren Drain Kagan

Lauren Mellor


Fitness versus Swimwear.  Both are equally hot.  We're pretty sure you'd pause for a few seconds before voting...

Lauren Drain Kagan is an American fitness model, nurse, and author who is famous for being a former member of the Westboro Baptist Church.  She wrote the 2013 book Banished, which chronicles her experiences and eventual banishment from the church.  Read more about her in this Lauren Drain Kagan article.

Lauren Mellor is a South African fashion and swimwear model who shot to fame because of her appearances in Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Edition since 2012.  She also modeled in ad campaigns for Samsung, Freya, Mr. Price and Soviet Jeans, and many others.  Learn about her in this Lauren Mellor article.