Battle of the Day

Jessica Goicoechea vs Rhiannon Fish

Jessica Goicoechea in lingerie
Rhiannon Fish in a bikini

Jessica Goicoechea

Rhiannon Fish


Time to, again, practice your choosing skills, folks!

Jessica Goicoechea is a Spanish fashion designer and model whose career bloomed thanks to the photo-sharing platform Instagram.  She has worked and posed for top brands such as Rimmel London, Calvin Klein, Puma, and Victoria’s Secret.  She has also appeared in men’s, fashion and lifestyle magazines like Glamour, DT, Vogue, Elle, and Esquire.  Read more about her in this Jessica Goicoechea article.

Rhiannon Fish is a Canadian-born Australian model and actress who is perhaps most famous for portraying the role of April Scott on the series Home and Away.  Her first television role was Lisa Jeffries in Neighbours. Fish later starred as Rocky in the Disney Channel show As the Bell Rings and as Laura in Playing for Charlie.  Know more about her in this Rhiannon Fish article.