Battle of the Day

Olivia Burns vs Kalyssa Alynn

Olivia Burns in a bikini
Kalyssa Alynn in lingerie

Olivia Burns

Kalyssa Alynn


Oh, this one is so hot.  Well, all our battles are hot but this one is special because...  Just look at them.

Olivia Burns is an American equestrian and fashion model. She has come into the limelight in the fashion industry thanks to Wellington’s Next Top Model.  Since then, she has appeared in Stephano Laviano ads in Sidelines Magazine, The Social Happenings Handbook, and Maxim’s January/February cover.  Read more about her in this Olivia Burns article.

Kalyssa Alynn is an American model and influencer who began her career as a cheerleader.  Since then, she has appeared as a backup dancer to the likes fo Steven Tyler and Thomas Rhett and has been featured in Maxim Australia.  Learn more about her in this Kalyssa Alynn article.