Battle of the Day

Alice Matos vs Juliana Salimeni

Alice Matos in a bikini
Juliana Salimeni

Alice Matos

Juliana Salimeni


Both are into fitness and both are insanely hot.  They are on different levels of hotness but...  We'll leave it up to your taste.

Alice Matos is a Brazilian bikini athlete and fitness icon who established herself as an Instagram star.  She is also the owner of the clothing line Labellamafia. Read more about her in this Alice Matos article.

Juliana Salimeni is a Brazilian fitness model, TV personality, and social media star.  She gained prominence in 2008 as one of the Panicats, who were assistants on the comedy show called ‘Panic on TV.’  Learn more about her in this Juliana Salimeni article.