Battle of the Day

Dani Bonnor vs Daisy Keech

Dani Bonnor in a bikini - ass
Daisy Keech - ass

Dani Bonnor

Daisy Keech


These babes are a joy to look at.  Now, they are both extremely hot but we'd like to know who you'd choose.

Dani Bonnor is an Australian Model and Instagram sensation.  She is an ambassador for WANDERLuxe Yoga; a coaching firm for nutrition, freedom, and of course, Yoga.  Read more about her in this Dani Bonnor article.

Daisy Keech is an American model and social media influencer who is famous for her fitness modeling and bikini poses.  She has also gained popularity in her self-titled YouTube channel where she posts and demos work out tips and routines.  Learn more about her in this Daisy Keech article.