Battle of the Day

Ashlyn Coray vs Camila Bernal

Ashlyn Coray in a bikini
Camila Bernal in a bikini - ass

Ashlyn Coray

Camila Bernal


Okay, time for you to give a good minute for each of these ladies (before choosing)...

Ashlyn Coray is an American model most famous for her appearances in men’s publications such as Maxim and Sports Illustrated.  She was also featured in Esquire‘s “The Women We Love of Instagram” column in January 2016.  Ashlyn has also made appearances on men’s contemporary fashion websites like Hypebeast and Sneakhype.  Read more about her in this Ashlyn Coray article.

Camila Bernal is a Colombian Instagram model who is most famous sharing/posting her voluptuous body in bikini and lingerie (as well as her fashion and lifestyle photos) on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even on YouTube).  Camila usually takes her photos at Nikki Beach in Miami, Florida.  She also promotes on her YouTube channel.  Learn more about her in this Camila Bernal article.