Battle of the Day

Angelica Hernandez vs Kylie Rae

Angelica Hernandez
Kylie Rae in lingerie

Angelica Hernandez

Kylie Rae


Battle of the inked hotties again, folks.  All up to you guys.  Good luck!

Angelica Hernandez is a Colombian fitness model, bikini model, and Instagram star who is famous for posting a variety of fitness and modeling content.  She is also known for her lifestyle posts which feature her husband and her children.  Read more about her in this Angelica Hernandez article.

Kylie Rae is an American model and social media sensation who is particularly famous for her sizable following on Instagram.  Kylie is also an actress, entrepreneur, and an influencer across several social media platforms.  Learn more about her in this Kylie Rae article.