Battle of the Day

Jenna Pietersen vs Crystal Renn

Jenna Pietersen in a bikini
Crystal Renn in a bikini

Jenna Pietersen

Crystal Renn


These women sure know how to make love to the camera.

Jenna Pietersen is a South African swimsuit and lingerie model who has appeared in multiple swimsuit issues of the South African edition of Sports Illustrated magazine.  She has also found a following as the editor of the popular travel and fashion blog Follow the Swallow.  Read more about her in this Jenna Pietersen article.

Crystal Renn is an American fashion model and author. She is also an actress and writer, known for The Puppet Man in 2016 and Now Wakes the Sea in 2017.  Crystal also appeared in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  Learn more about her in this Crystal Renn article.