Battle of the Day

Jenna Pietersen vs Alex Morgan

Jenna Pietersen in a bikini
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2019

Jenna Pietersen

Alex Morgan


A model versus an athlete.  Both are extremely hot.  But who is hotter to you?

Jenna Pietersen is a South African swimsuit and lingerie model who has appeared in multiple swimsuit issues of the South African edition of Sports Illustrated magazine.  She has also found a following as the editor of the popular travel and fashion blog Follow the Swallow.  Read more about her in this Jenna Pietersen article.

Alex Morgan is an American soccer player who has achieved several feats including the Olympics Gold Medal in 2012 and the FIFA Women’s World Cup with her team in 2015.  She started her youth soccer with ‘Cypress Elite’ and then played for ‘California Golden Bears’ during college studies.  Learn more about her in this Alex Morgan article.