Battle of the Day

Karina Elle vs Anna Victoria

Karina Elle in a bikini
Anna Victoria

Karina Elle

Anna Victoria


These fitness hotties will give you one heck of a hard time choosing.

Karina Elle is an American Instagram fitness model, gym instructor, and former cross-country runner.  She was the World Fitness Federation Pro Bikini World Champion who was named of the most In-Demand Fitness Model of 2014 by Racked Magazine.  She has also appeared in Self, Glamour, and Shape.  Read more about her in this Karina Elle article.

Anna Victoria is an American fitness blogger, Instagram star, and certified personal trainer who created The 12 Week Fit Body Guides in 2015 as well as the 12 Week Meal Plan Guide and 12 Week Training Guide.  Learn more about her in this Anna Victoria article.