Battle of the Day

Sophia Phalen Bertolami vs Sofia Tsakiridou

Sophia Phalen Bertolami
Sofia Tsakiridou in a bikini

Sophia Phalen Bertolami

Sofia Tsakiridou


These babes will make soothe your tired eyes...  They will also divide your attention.

Sophia Phalen Bertolami is an American Instagram star who recently earned media attention for her current relationship with professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau.  She specifically created a bikini collection in August of 2018 for women like her who have larger cup sizes, but smaller frames called La Isla.  Read more about her in this Sophia Phalen Bertolami article.

Sofia Tsakiridou is a German model who has posed for brands like SugarShape and appeared on the cover of fashion publications like Superior Digital.  This Hamburg-based hottie also runs a blog, Matiamu, where she posts about travel, style, and healthy eating.  Learn more about her in this Sofia Tsakiridou article.