Battle of the Day

Sophia Rose Stallone vs Abbey Lee Kershaw

Sophia Rose Stallone in a bikini
Abbey Lee Kershaw in lingerie

Sophia Rose Stallone

Abbey Lee Kershaw


Oh, this is hard.  Totally different babes but with the same level of hotness.

Sophia Stallone is an American model, fashion entrepreneur, and the daughter of the Hollywood veteran Sylvester Stallone.  She was honored with, along with her two younger sisters, the title of Miss Golden Globe in 2017.  Sophia’s sultry beauty and stunning personality got her on the cover page of the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar.  Read more about her in this Sophia Stallone article.

Abbey Lee Kershaw is an Australian supermodel.  She is also an actress and a musician and she has done campaigns for Chanel, Versace, Calvin Klein, Yves Saint-Laurent, Versace, and countless more.  Abbey has also appeared in Victoria’s Secret fashion shows in 2008 and 2009 and has been featured in international fashion magazines. Learn more about her in this Abbey Lee Kershaw article.